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Japanese Candlesticks and Candlestick Trading Made Easy... Finally! Learn to trade the stock market quick and easy with japanese candlestick signals. The Candlestick Forum offers free "How To" articles, training aides, and downloadable e-books and videos produced by Stephen W. Bigalow, author of "Profitable Candlestick Trading" and "High Profit Candlestick Patterns".

Profitable Candlestick Trading


This book written by Stephen W. Bigalow will dramatically improve your investment perceptions. Hundreds of years of proven, tested and profitably successful Japanese Candlestick signals incorporate powerful ramifications. You will learn how to identify the profitable signals fast and easily. More importantly, you will learn the psychology of the investment community that formed those signals. You will be amazed at how your investment perceptions improve when you know why a reversal has occurred.

Your profits will soar. Candlestick analysis eliminates emotional reactions. Human emotion weaknesses that lose investors money are converted into profitable advantages for the Candlestick investor. No more wondering and hoping that your positions will make a profit. Candlestick analysis puts you in total control of your investment results. It identifies panic selling and exuberant buying, allowing you to extract huge profits from the markets.

Learn to invest like the seasoned investor. Whether a beginning investor or a professional trader, Candlesticks will improve your returns immensely.

Order your book now! You will dramatically improve your investment future forever.


Ch. 1



Ch. 2

The Reversal Patterns


Ch. 3

Continuation Patterns


Ch. 4

Major Signals Explained


Ch. 5

Finding and Learning the Signals Made Easy


Ch. 6

Common Patterns


Ch. 7

Revolutionizing Investor Psychology


Ch. 8

Analyzing Profitable Trades


Ch. 9

Maximizing Profits


Ch. 10

Trading Programs


Ch. 11

Using Candlesticks to Improve Elliot Wave Analysis


Ch. 12

Option Trading Refined


Ch. 13

Candlesticks with Commodities and Futures


Ch. 14

The Ultimate Investment Program


Ch. 15

Candlestick Trading Rules


Ch. 16









High Profit Candlestick Patterns

Japanese candlestick signals provide an immense amount of information. They graphically depict what is occurring in investor sentiment. This alone provides a huge advantage for the investor. Having the ability to identify reversals in price trends, utilizing statistically proven and utilized signals, allows an investor to develop high profit trading strategies. The psychological elements of candlestick signals not only reveal trend reversals, but they provide the insights for understanding why that reversal is occurring. This becomes a very powerful investment tool.

High Profit Candlestick Patterns takes candlestick investing to the next level. Applying the knowledge, that is exhibited in candlestick formations, to well known price patterns dramatically enhances analytical capabilities. Being able to identify a potential pattern formation, and understanding what candlestick signals are revealing, creates a format for establishing positions at the most opportune times. This book illustrates how to use the combination of investment patterns and candlestic signals to provide strong and consistent profits.

The graphic illustrations in High Profit Candlestick Patterns are simple common sense revelations. Utilizing candlestick signals in conjunction with Western technical patterns produces two strong investment elements. First, it allows for the recognition of the optimal times for entering a trade. Second, the candlestick signals reveal immediately when the trend pattern is not performing correctly, allowing for quick exits.

You will receive a whole new perspective for profitably investing in the markets. You do not have to learn formulas nor develop investing “feels”. The combination of candlestick signals, with easy-to-identify trading patterns, will vastly expand your investment confidence. The self-mastery of profitable investing is greatly simplified with quick visual evaluations.

Successful investment techniques are the natural result of the information conveyed in high profit candlestick patterns. Stop loss procedures become easy to execute, eliminating emotions. Money management techniques incorporated puts your mind at ease. Simple analytical processes disseminate true investor sentiment from the publicized rhetoric. The comprehensive information found in this book will forever give you a clear advantage in the investment arena. You'll receive the benefits of nearly 2 decades of valuable investment insights. Use this to your advantage. When it comes to your investment dollars, this book helps to put all the probabilities in your favor.


The Major Signals - Indepth details on how and when to use the major candlestick signals effectively. What you learned in "Profitable Candlestick Trading" about the major signals explained in greater detail.

Moving Averages - Utilizing candlestick signals in conjunction with moving averages becomes a powerful trading platform. Learn how to use the information conveyed at these major levels to dramatically improve trading results.

Hight Profits Using Gaps - Candlestick signals followed by Gaps reveal a tremendous amount of information. Utilizing gaps produces very high profit investment situations. Learn the psychology behind candlestick signals and gaps. Big gains become easy to extract from the markets using gaps.

Technical Patterns - Candlestick signals enhance the analytical capabilities of investors when applied to other technical methods. The immense amount of information conveyed in a candlestick formation greatly improves an investor's ability to analyze patterns.

High Profit Patterns - Refine the ability to eliminate bad trade situations and improve the correct trade ratio. Learn to recognize trading patterns.

Options - Insights from Bill Johnson, author of numerous option trading books, providing option trading strategies utilizing candlestick signals.

Profitable Trading Insights - The highly acclaimed Tina Logan, well known for her technical analytical abilities, reveals her insights on combining Western technical analysis with Candlestick signals.

Entry and Exit Strategies - Easy to use format with simple techniques for entering and exiting trades, dramatically reducing the emotional decision making mistakes.

Stop Loss - Candlestick signals provide effective stop loss programs. The commonsense rationale that is built into candlestick signals can be used effectively for cutting your losses short.

Rules - Learn the nuances that make candlestick signals work with the probabilities highly in the investors favor. Simple rules, applied to general investing and candlestick analysis, are revealed.

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